A Seat at the Table

A Seat at the Table cover

May 4, 2022

A SEAT AT THE TABLE sizzles with scandal and mystery. The story immediately grabs the reader's attention, thrusting them into a catastrophic fiery downtown blaze heightened by the discovery of a body. Identification of the victim opens an array of suspects and inspires a most intriguing set of subplots. From the pounding excitement of the first chapter, the reader is dramatically swept into drama at the patriarchal funeral. Carefully the depiction of family dynamics is spun, culminating in a powerful accusatory outburst. The accusation arouses curiosity, and the sordid truth then begins its reveal. The fluidity and detailed description allow the reader to navigate the twists and turns of the investigation.

The journey delves into each character's intimate thoughts, memories, and dark secrets. This exploration allows the reader to identify with each personality's strengths and frailties, giving the characters dimension and depth. As the plot pivots and new characters are introduced, the playing field expands, and the door opens to romance and intimacy. Demented threats and another cold-blooded murder intensify the drama. The final twist comes as voodoo couples with law enforcement for the ultimate punishment. A SEAT AT THE TABLE is a whirlwind of emotion, from heartfelt sadness and bounding joy to gut-wrenching pangs of anger and the sweet taste of revenge.

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