Censored Time

  • A Quarter Past Love cover

    A Quarter Past Love

    Book I
    May 1, 2021

  • Half Past Hate

    Half Past Hate

    Book II
    August 10, 2021

  • A Strike Past Time cover

    A Strike Past Time

    Book III
    November 22, 2021

The Censored Time Trilogy is a steamy New Orleans romance filled with murder, suspense, betrayal, and corruption, as well as great food, fabulous restaurants, and the intoxicating culture that screams N’Awlins, baby.

When readers first meet Rainie, a hot mess with a palette of dysfunction, in A Quarter Past Love, they learn of her unique relationship with her twin, Rand, who died suddenly at age fourteen. Rainie, a thirty-three-year-old businesswoman from the upper echelon, presents a model picture of success and stability during the day while living life on the wild side with drugs, excessive partying, and scandalous behavior at night— as a result of insecurities brought on by her husband’s infidelity. Due to her precarious lifestyle, Rainie finds herself as a witness to cartel activity by being at the wrong place at the wrong time. All the while this drama plays out, she’s been in a platonic relationship with one of New Orleans’ leading plastic surgeons, Dr. Michael Landry. Things between the two heat up the night of his party, and while sparks fly and the sizzle begins, their relationship ignites, bringing them close, developing into a forever kind of love.

The poor choices Rainie made in A Quarter Past Love follow the happy couple into the second book, Half Past Hate. Debauchery, corruption, and murder take on legitimacy in the law office of Tolbert, Thibeaux, Smith, and Todd. Because of embezzlement within the firm, Rainie’s ex, Tom, opens the door for danger to her, their children, and Michael.

A Strike Past Time turns a whole new corner with the birth of Michaela. Hours after her birth, Rainie receives a phone call on Michael’s cell from Mateo Moreno, the head of the Cartagena cartel. Questions arise and perhaps ominous feelings, but as it turns out, Mateo is ready to step away from the cartel life, and who better to give him a new lease on life than Dr. Michael Landry? A major swivel comes in one of those moments you-never-see-coming as a bewildering experience leads to a twist in Rainie and Rand’s relationship.

From the beginning of the Censored Time Trilogy, questions arise, and by the end, with parting words from Rainie, all mysteries are solved, but it’s not until the very end...so hold on tight!