The Impossible Lie

Book 3

October 18, 2023

The wind of change was in the air, whipping up emotions and pointing the way to perhaps some truth in the God entity. What he once knew as defined fact with hard, emboldened boundaries had morphed into a distant replica barely resembling his life. Had his values changed? No. Had his mission changed? No, but it had expanded into worldwide humanitarian issues, and while broadening his awareness, he felt confused yet simultaneously more alive than ever. What was the purpose or meaning of life? While it was an age-old question, he searched to put the newly added pieces to the puzzle of his life in place.

What of Trinity’s announcement bomb? Was he even halfway prepared? And Mays, was it worth investigating? He’d never had a brother other than Marines, but never a brother in the flesh. Had his mission as a civilian with immense ability put him too close to the edge of discovery? Was he that easily defined?

With the infiltration of feelings, hurricane forces of emotion rattled him to the core. Everywhere he looked, there were lies. There was no such thing as impossible; that was a lie meant to discourage people too afraid to challenge the claim. No, sir, not him; he wouldn’t give in to the lies of limitations and impossibilities.

While his reflection in the mirror was the same, the cocoon encapsulating his heart had weakened. Could he perform his missions while allowing Trinity to stoke his heart? The void once in his soul was filling at rocket speed. Would this indicate he was becoming whole for once in his life?

Dive deep into his reality and determine for yourself. Is Babe worth saving?

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